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Description :Poker Shaped Wine Stopper 1 Piece Silicone Vacuum Sealed Wine Stopper Bar Tools
-Keep beverages and other liquids fresh with the Rabbit Beverage and Wine Stoppers.
-This silicone wine stopper is not only for wine, but also for beer, champagne, and soda bottles, etc.
-It makes your meal elegant and lovely, perfect for children and couples.
-Insert the stopper into the bottle neck after drinking. No fear of leakage.
-No affect to wine or other liquid inside the bottle; convenient to wash in dish washer.

Specification :
Material  Silicone
Color  Red / Black
Weight  18g
Size  Black Spade  7 X 2.5 cm
Red Heart      6.9 X 2.5 cm
Black Club    7.2 X 2.5 cm
Red Diamond  7.9 X 2.5 cm

Package Includes :1 x Poker Shaped Wine Stopper 


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